Recording Division

For recording, indexing and filing any instrument
(not more than 14" x 8.5"):
a. First page
b. Each additional page or fraction thereof
c. For indexing instruments recorded in the Official Records which contain more than four names, per additional name
$ 10.00
$ 8.50
$ 1.00
For examining, certifying and recording plats & condominium exhibits
(larger than 14" x 8.5"):
a. First page
b. Each additional page
$ 30.00
$ 15.00
For recording a Notice of Lis Pendens and Judgments
a. First page
b. Each additional page
$ 5.00
$ 4.00
Tax on Documents:
Deeds: Documentary stamps must be placed on any deed or other like instrument conveying any interest in real property (land) at the rate of 70 per $100.00 (or fraction thereof of the full purchase price.) A 70 stamp must be placed on any gift of property or any deed with a property valuation of less than $ 100.00.
Mortgages and written obligations to pay money are taxed at the rate of 35¢ per $100.00 (or fraction thereof.)
Agreements & Contracts for Deeds are taxed at the rate of 35¢ per $100.00 (or fraction thereof)on the amount of any payments made and the unpaid balance of the agreement or contract; plus, tax at the rate of 70¢ per $100.00 (or fraction thereof) of the full purchase price. Stamp tax is not due again on the recorded deed made pursuant to the contract.
Intangible Personal Property Tax:
Mortgage notes (and any promise to pay a sum of money on real estate) are taxed at the rate of two mills on the dollar value of the mortgage/promise to pay.
Recording Requirements:
Documents must be properly executed (signed, witnessed, acknowledge, and notarized under seal.)
Documents must have a proper "prepared by" statement.
Documents must, when required, have the proper documentary stamps affixed.
The Department of Revenue Form regarding the transfer of property must be completed and filed.
Documents must have a blank space (3" x 3") on the top right-hand corner on the first page, a blank space (1" x 3") on the top right-hand corner on each subsequent page, reserved for use by the Clerk of the Court.
You must provide a stamped self-addressed envelope if you require the recorded documents returned after processing.

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