Seminole County Clerk of Courts

Grant Maloy, Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller

Record Search Request - Instructions and Cost

Record searches will be conducted upon written request (see attached form), by telephone, or in person. Service charges are as follows:

Record Searches (please specify years) $1.50 per year -- per court division (i.e., criminal, civil, traffic)
Writing Any Paper (includes signing and sealing) $6.00 per paper written -- per court division
Copies (if requested) $1.00 per page
Certified Copies (if requested) $2.00 per certification
Fax Charge(this charge is in addition to the above charges) $1.00 per page for local and toll free
$2.00 per page for long distance

If you know the Clerk's case number, there is no charge for the search.

If your request includes copies of any paperwork from the file, we will notify you of the amount due by mail, fax or phone (local or toll free only), or email. Documents will be mailed/ faxed upon receipt of payment. You may also contact the record search clerk at (407) 665-4450 within three to five business days afer mailing your request for the total due.